Sunday, October 07, 2012

Cyber bullying Alan Jones' sponsors

Odious "Shock Jock" Alan Jones found himself in more trouble than ever before when the comments he made about Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her recently deceased father came to light.

Today his radio network decided to suspend all advertising on his show. Chairman Russell Tate claims the decision is due to "cyber bullying" from people on teh intertubez:

Tate branded the social media response to the comments as "21st Century censorship, via cyber bullying".

Wow. Tate's weasel word moral equivalence is an extraordinary claim. Apparently a bunch of individuals can bully giant multi-billion dollar corporations? And individuals exercising their right to free speech is causing censorship?

A "shock jock" says something shocking, and surprise, people are outraged and have decided to not support the brands that have sponsored him. This is actually capitalism and democracy working as they should.

If Alan Jones if feeling censored, he could always start a blog or get on twitter like the rest of us...