Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm in trouble…

...the next time I apply for a job. Read this post at What it's like on the inside, for the entire story - truth or consequences:

Information about nearly anyone is just a "google" away. Employers are using this to their advantage in order to find out more about prospective candidates before hiring….

....When viewed by corporate recruiters or admissions officials at graduate and professional schools, such pages can make students look immature and unprofessional, at best.

Humbug online doesn't make me look immature and unprofessional, surely? I just have the humour gene.

I'm on google (yay!), so you'll know if I'm applying for a new job because the blog will mysteriously disappear for a few weeks or so. (Or maybe they'll assume I'm the Truman State Chem Professor?)