Friday, July 17, 2009


The Ministers charged with selling the Australian Government's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, (Garrett and Wong, pictured) seem not to have completed high school chemistry or grade school biology. Either that, or they (and their government) are knowingly setting out to deceive the populace by deliberately using weasel words in the title of the Bill.

In this mad scenario, arguably the most essential element for life on earth (Carbon) is labelled a pollutant. No mention is made of Carbon Dioxide - a gaseous compound of carbon which is said to cause global warming. Are diamonds pollutants? Is graphite a pollutant? Is charcoal a pollutant? Is anthracite buried deep underground and never burnt a pollutant? According to these clowns they all are, because they are one form or another of elemental carbon.

Fortunately there's an easy way to reduce the dreaded Carbon which is apparently polluting the environment. Burn it and turn it into Carbon Dioxide.