Wednesday, May 27, 2009


No particular reason for focussing on Obama. Any candidate vying for office is smacked upside the head when elected. They find suddenly that they are responsible incumbents rather than self-indulgent rhetoricians sniping from the sidelines. In other words, they have to accept the Burden of Solution.

A note to the reader: I find that I am in agreement with Obama about half the time. And no, I am not fully in agreement with his Kenyan-American heritage-derived views or fully in agreement with his Anglo-American heritage-derived views (I neither know nor care which is which). I find that the least interesting thing about any person is their race or cultural heritage. However to avoid the charge of bias I have depicted one of Obama's irises as brown and the other as blue.

If any reader thinks I have not been sensitive enough to cultural issues in this post, this is to let you know that I am offended in advance. This is because you are demanding that I dishonour and repudiate my viking and spanish heritage. Why? Both of my ancestral lines traditionally conquered without giving a shit about local inhabitants (or the sensitivities of cultural police who presumed to speak patronisingly on behalf of others).

Alright, I admit it. Some of my ancestors were English hand-wringers. Their descendants are the patronising cultural police I sneeringly refer to above. No wonder I am conflicted!