Thursday, February 05, 2009

Superstition slayer - Friday 13th

A protest against superstitious crap.

When I was a science teacher, every Friday the 13th I took it upon myself to slay superstitions by conducting experiments. (On myself to avoid ethical concerns...) Usually I’d walk under a ladder, indoors with an open umbrella, whist smashing a couple of mirrors and knocking over some salt, simultaneously. (I could never find a black cat.) I guess doing it all at once meant all the bad luck cancelled out seeing as things have been going swimmingly as per usual.

This Friday the 13th of February, I’ll be doing it all over again. (I now work in an office building, so I think I’ll make my first ever trip up to level 13 to conduct my “experiments”.) If you have the courage of your convictions and don’t mind tempting fate, join me in slaying this superstitious crap and break a mirror, open an umbrella indoors, etc., on Friday 13. I’ll post pictures and perhaps even a video of my work.

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