Monday, February 02, 2009

Podcast: Hunting Humbug 101 - Tutorial 18: WTF? Fallacy

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In this tutorial we look at the “fallacy” we coined, the WTF? Fallacy ©. This isn't, technically, a logical fallacy. It's just a shortcut to dismiss, without admitting defeat, the inane ramblings of those with a questionable mental status, as can be found existing all over the internet. Make sure you have a look at all these examples – you'll have a good laugh:
From the show, we have the Crazy Rainbow Lady

We have a clip from Richard Dawkins' The Enemies of Reason (Part 2)

And the winner of our, “Oy! Give us a review on iTunes” competition was Zach Nereim. Shoot me an email with your mailing address Zach, and a copy of Humbug! will be on its way shortly. And thanks to all of you who've written reviews. I cry as much as Roger Federer losing or winning the Australian Open every time I read them. It hurts so good.