Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shonky Nutella

The manufacturers (and advertisers) of admittedly delicious spread Nutella were awarded the Choice Shonky for Low General Integrity:
The CHOICE Shonky for Low General Integrity Goes to the ... Ferrero Nutella Hazelnut Spread.

Child obesity is a serious problem in Australia, so marketing a high-fat, high-sugar food as a healthy choice is just shonky.'Less fat than most peanut butters, less sugar than most jams', said one Nutella ad. This may be the case, but out of all these spreads it has the highest combination of both: it’s almost 85% fat and sugar, packing a whopping 2175kJ of energy into every 100g.

But it also contains nutritious hazelnuts and has a low GI, claims another ad. Does that make it OK? No. Hazelnuts are well down the ingredient list (13%) and a low GI doesn’t necessarily mean a food is healthy. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting has a similar GI as Nutella, and you wouldn’t feed that to your kids for their breakfast every day, would you?
The manufacturers Stack the Deck by ignoring other pertinent nutritional information. They don't point out the 2175 kj per 100 g. They don't point out it's almost 85 % fat. They say hazelnuts are low GI, but fail to mention hazelnuts only constitute 13 % of the spread. In this sense they are also guilty of a Misuse of Information.