Friday, July 18, 2008

Catholic Woodstock... LOL

Apparently people are trying to draw an analogy between World Youth Day and Woodstock. For example:

Despite the significance of the occasion, the build-up to the six-day event's opening mass was more akin to an open-air rock concert than a church gathering, reflecting its nickname of ''Catholic Woodstock''.

Now, it's not a fallacy to make this False Analogy, as it is not being used as the basis of an argument. However, another analogy, a far more apt analogy, springs to mind to demonstrate the inappropriateness of the link between supposedly* devout and chaste Catholic youths and the hedonistic, free loving, drug taking hippies of Woodstock:
Comparing World Youth Day to Woodstock is as apt as comparing an incense burner to a bong.
*I say "supposedly" - a few hundred thousand youths partying for a week? I have my doubts...