Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Striking a blow for social justice

Richard Carfirkin, obsessive-compulsive researcher on whores and whoring (and who among us is not) notes that the Catholic Church has saints for reformed prostitutes but none for reformed sex workers. According to Richard, the saints for reformed prostitutes are: Margaret of Cortona, Mary Magdalen and Mary of Egypt.

I followed up on Richard's researches and found out that discrimination in the Church is even more heinous than he suggests. Not only are there no saints for reformed sex-workers, but there are also no saints for reformed trollops, strumpets, harlots, hookers or whores.

I therefore propose nominating a portmanteau religious personage who can readily represent all shades of whoredom, whether reformed or not. I refer to Ishtar, the Whore of Babylon (icon pictured).