Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Looking after one of the boys - Solomons' style

An example of Impugning Motives (of Australia!) from the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands:

The Solomons' Prime Minister has questioned Australia's motivation in trying to extradite Julian Moti from Papua New Guinea, describing the action as a serious violation of sovereignty.

I don't think that's why he's doing it, protecting the sovereignty of the Solomons my arse… I think his underlying motive is "jobs for the boys":

Solomon Islands speaker Sir Peter Kenilorea says procedures were not followed in the appointment of the new attorney general Julian Moti, Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports

…He said although the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has the right to recommend candidates for the post, the position was not vacant or advertised.

Sir Peter said advertising the position would have been the normal procedure which would have given a chance for other qualified local lawyers to apply.

Sogavare is so motivated to help his oldmate Moti out - he doesn't care what Moti has been accused of:

…Moti, who is a close personal friend of Mr Sogavare, was arrested at Australia's request as he tried to return to the Solomons to take up the attorney-general's post.

Australia has repeatedly denied having a political motive for pursuing Moti, who is wanted over the alleged sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl in Vanuatu in 1997.

An alleged kiddie-fiddler? He's going to stand in the way of an alleged kiddie-fiddling rapist being prosecuted?

It was alleged he abused the girl, the daughter of a Vanuatu business associate, over a six-month period.

... the Court of Appeal threw out the case on two technicalities: the indictment had the wrong age of the alleged victim and the magistrate failed to give Mr Moti the right to rebut the evidence before committing him to stand trial.

Did I forget to mention dodgy?

It is understood the case was then returned to be heard before another magistrate, who later dismissed the case amid allegations he was paid off by Mr Moti.

Ah, justice at work...

UPDATE: Moti has been suspended as Solomons' Attorney-General and has fled with the blessing on the Papua New Guinea PM:

The Solomon Islands Attorney-General, Julian Moti, has been suspended from his job on the orders of the country's Chief Justice.

Mr Moti has spent much of this week in the Solomon Islands High Commission building in Port Moresby as Australian officials sought to extradite him to face child sex charges.

Earlier today, Mr Moti left the building after Papua New Guinea (PNG) Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare said he was free to leave.