Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Schopenhaeur - inspiration for a popular bumper sticker

We all know and appreciate the pithy and profound bumper sticker:


But Schopenhaeur said it with greater precision, and less profanity a long time ago:

A good supply of resignation is of the first importance in providing for the journey of life. It is a supply which we shall have to extract from disappointed hopes; and the sooner we do it, the better for the rest of the journey.

We need to remember the roots of modern philosophical profundities such as those found on bumper stickers, and give credit where it's due.

The next time I see the bumber sticker in question, I will add the proper attribution, viz: Translation of an original Schopenhaeur aphorism. (Actually, from the look of the cranky old sod, I think that "sh*t happens" might have come to his mind before the measured and restrained version he recorded for posterity.)