Monday, August 14, 2006

Living the dream of impotent posturing

Bagging the solutions of others is easy - especially when one asserts the right to not suggest an alternative solution.

In response to this challenge by Tim Blair at Larvatus Prodeo:

Crude though it was, at least Laws proposed that something be done to stop terrorists. Which we never, ever hear from LP types or anyone on the Left — except in the form of utopian Palestinian state concepts.

Come on, leftists! A whole bunch of fundamentalist anti-liberation anti-feminist fellows want you dead. What are you going to do about it? Bitch about Toyota ads?

commentator Alex shifts the Burden of Solution to the "right":

Tim Blair - blissfully unaware that the policies of the Right (sic) are the best galvanising force terrorists have ever had. Hint - it’s not incumbent upon leftys to propose solutions to fix problems your ideology has created. [sic - the whole thing]

Ah, no Alex. If you think someone's idea of how to fix something is wrong, you either have to provide an alternative solution, or at the very least, have the honesty to say you have no idea.

Thanks for such a clear example of a fallacy though. (And it's "lefties" btw.)

(Also, note that LP author Mark, in the original entry, means "raises the question" rather than "begs the question".)