Saturday, February 25, 2006

Humbug! Online Comments Policy

The Humblogmeisters have decided that it's time we articulated a comments policy.

Our comments policy is simplicity itself. We give an absolute guarantee that we will only remove a comment if we wish to.

Such a policy may seem to be capricious - perhaps even arrogant. It only seems capricious and arrogant because it is.

Some of the reasons we may wish to remove a comment: [a] the comment is over-long and rambling; [b] the comment is off-topic (e.g, personal) and doesn't redeem its irrelevance through the use of whimsical humour or biting satire; [c] the comment is insane; [d] the comment is obscene; [e] the comment contains inappropriate language (would you want a child to read it?); [f] the comment is inflammatory; [g] the comment is grossly insulting; [h] the comment is indecipherable, illiterate sludge; [i] the comment is too insightful and shows us up (especially if it correctly identifies a flaw in anything we've said).

If you don't like our policy then don't read our blog. Read other blogs. Create your own blog. Increase your medication. Whatever.

Update - the comments policy is a fluid thing and (to mix a metaphor) is continually evolving. See this thread for what I mean.