Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Secret of Michael Leunig's Success

As can be seen from this candid portrait of Australia's Greatest Cartoonist and Living Treasure Michael Leunig, he is the inspiration for his characters.

Look carefully at his huge cast of characters - Mr Curly, Mr Surly, Mr Cheesed-Off, Mr Flatulence, Mr Constipated, Mr Incontinence, Mr Egocentric, Mr Whimsy-Puke, Mr Leunig, Mr Airhead-Scribbler, Mr Graphically-Challenged, Mr Pathos, Mr Bathos, Mr Miseryguts....

They're all pathetic, they are all identically rendered, they all have big noses (real creative breakthrough there), and they are all miserable, sanctimonious sods.

In short, they are all Michael Leunigs. Leunig, the LAME cartoonist.

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