Monday, July 06, 2009

Homeopathic vaccine for swine flu

I've been getting really worried about the spread of swine flu around the world and the lack of progress being made for a vaccine. I want a vaccine now and can't wait for governments to get their respective acts together. Moreover, how can I trust "big pharma" to get the vaccine out on time. In order to make money - which we know is their real motivation - they need the flu to spread and are need people die from it. I have decided to do something about it!

I recently contracted H1N1. While I was ill, I flushed my snotty tissues down the toilet. By now they will have disintergrated and made their way into the Pacific ocean. I haven't calculated the exact dilution of the snot to seawater ratio - but it's got to be close to 15C, surely?

So - if you want to inoculate yourself against the swine flu - just pop in the Pacific Ocean for a quick swim and you'll be right. Give it another couple of weeks and molecules of my swine flu ridden tissue should have diffused throughout the world's oceans - then everyone will be sorted!

Go me and go Samuel Hahnemann!