Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Effing no-talent effing celebrity effing cook effing shares some effing deep effing thought in this effing item on his effing deep effing need to effing put his effing best effing fugly effing face effing forward.

Gordon Ramsey's Botox hell
Vaz Sayed

Gordon Ramsay has had BOTOX on his craggy chin - after X Factor pal Simon Cowell baited him about it. The under-fire chef - born with the distinctive lines and cleft - revealed a make-up artist had already quizzed him on his horrific "car crash injuries".
Ramsay, 52, said: "It's Simon's fault. He leaned over and prodded my chin saying, 'Mate, you've got to do something'. I was like, 'F*** off!'. I've always looked like Freddy Krueger, but more people were commenting so I did it. Botox. And no one has f****** noticed."

Gordon also admitted he had "stared into the abyss" in a grim year that saw claims of an affair - which he denied - and the near collapse of his business. He said he "screwed up" and needed to grow up but added: "I'm fighting back."