Thursday, March 12, 2009

Skeptics' Circle 107 (Hunting Humbug 101 Podcast Episode 22)

This is the 107th edition of The Skeptics' Circle. And it's in the form of a podcast. Hunting Humbug 101 - Episode 22: Skeptics' Circle 107.

In the podcast we discuss the submitted posts. There's a great variety of material for you to enjoy. All the links to the posts discussed in the podcast are below. You can listen to the podcast by downloading the mp3 or using the embedded player below. Of course, you could go crazy and subscribe! (Warning - this is about half an hour of me speaking crap... some people seem to like it though.)

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Next Circle in a fortnight - March 26 - at Podblack Cat. Head here: for the schedule, guidelines, etc.

Ahh, who could say no to Bronze Dog's late submissions? Not me:
And these just missed the podcast.