Monday, February 23, 2009

Podcast: Hunting Humbug 101 - Tutorial 20: Burden of Proof

The Burden of Proof fallacy is the entire "argument" employed in the advocacy of intelligent design - which is the first example we look at. I interview Sandra Quincey about her win in the retraction of the "Sex Magnet". How did she do this? By correctly employing the burden of proof. We also start a semi-new segment "spot that fallacy", based on the non sequiturist Jeni Barnett.

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The clip on Intelligent Design and Irreducible Complexity is from Unlocking the Mystery of Life.

Sandra Quincey had a win over Century Mail and their "Sex Magnet".

And here's the retraction they had to make.

Sandra did this through the Therapeutic Products Advertising Complaints Resolution Panel. Aussies aren't normally whingers, but this is certainly a noble exception! Here's Harriet Hall, the Skep Doc, on it.

Here's a link to a post on Bad Science that gives you links to the whole Jeni Barnett fiasco, our endless supply of humbug for "spot the fallacy".