Monday, November 17, 2008

eBook edition of Humbug!

The eBook edition of Humbug! the skeptics field guide to spotting fallacies in thinking, is now available. Click the Scribd link for a direct download (or see below).

From the eBook Edition Foreword:

This is the “cut down” eBook edition of Humbug! the skeptic’s field guide to spotting fallacies in thinking. It has all the fallacies from the original paperback. It does not include the introduction. The cartoons in the eBook edition are of lower image quality than the paperback edition; most are early drafts. We make no apologies for this. The paperback needs to be the “best” version of Humbug!

So why make an eBook edition? We are currently working on an expanded book on humbug (deceptive talk, and/or false behaviour). As we are doing this, we wish further the goals of the skeptic movement by disseminating knowledge of fallacies as easily and effectively as possible. This is the purpose of the eBook edition.

Whilst we still reserve copyright, we are happy for fallacies from this eBook to be printed/photocopied and used for educational purposes, with appropriate acknowledgement. (Each fallacy prints nicely at two or four pages per sheet.) Electronic versions should not be uploaded to an alternate server. You can easily create a link to the eBook or even embed it in a webpage via Scribd. You may download to a personal computer or other device for personal use; however, it is our preference that this eBook should not be shared directly. Share it by all means – by sending the link – we like usage statistics!

And as I said in the previous post, what once was, is now All the old links should still work.

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