Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hunting Humbug 101 Podcast!

What with all the crazy newfangled technology about these days, we thought we'd get in on this podcasting business. I believe we will be the first ever "Fallacycast"!

Here's the link to direct download the inaugural podcast: What is humbug?.mp3 and subscribe here: http://huntinghumbug101.podbean.com/feed/.

In it we discuss the general idea of fallacies and "critical thinking" and why we were moved to write a book on fallacies. If you've ever wanted to hear what we sound like, or if you just like Australian accents, now's your chance...

We'll endeavour to post a pod once a week and will eventually get around to covering all our fallacies and humbug hunting techniques.

Here's the link to the post most of this discussion is based around - Fallacy.

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