Thursday, September 27, 2007

More proof Bush is dumb – youtube factoid

This hardly needs any explanation. Bush said this the other day:

Now he's not the most articulate guy in the world, but come on, it's obvious he didn't literally mean Nelson Mandela is dead; killed by Saddam Hussein.

Anyone who thought this, like most of the enlightened commentators on youtube, ought to ask themselves how biased they are. Of course, that won't happen.

For example, Phil, at Larvatus Prodeo decided to Propagate this Factoid:

Usually he’s just too easy a target to bother posting on his many gaffes, and after almost two full terms you’d think you’d get used to this president, but unfortunately George Bush still conspires to surprise with another incredible dose of the stupid.

Phil was told Bush doesn't literally believe Saddam Hussein had Nelson Mandela killed:

This isn’t stupid. Hussein DID kill anyone capable of establishing a Mandela-like profile against Hussein’s dictatorship.

You do understand that “Mandela” in this case doesn’t literally mean Nelson Mandela? Instead of acknowledging the error, he (and the Bush bashing commentators) Move the Goalposts. Now it's about it being a "bad analogy", not a "Bushism":
And that’s supposed to make it sound better Tim? Oh, and I thought Chalabi and the exile de jour was supposed to be Iraq’s “Mandela”? Sorry buddy, that don’t cut it.
"That don't cut it"? Touche.

No Phil, what really doesn't cut it is your arse clown backpedalling from this:
Of course it’s already on heavy rotation on You Tube where the WTF! impact strikes even harder.

Maybe he’s been using Miss Teen South Carolinas [sic] map of the Iraq as a guide.

To this:
BTW, I’m astounded that the flying monkeys have read a quick and simple post about Bush’s poor public speaking and mangled and inarticulate use of language (hence the Miss Teen Sth Carolina linkage) as they have, it should have been pretty obvious that I fully understood what Bush was on about in my response to Tim.
And this:
Of course more interesting to me was how inarticulately (?) he made his point, but it looks like that got lost in translation.
No. You were perfectly clear. You said Bush was stupid in the original post. Then, on finding out you were stupid, you claimed you actually meant he is inarticulate. Now you are not only stupid, but a liar as well.

Phil and co's attempted rationalisations remind me of a conversation I heard involving people stuck down a deep hole they'd dug. Instead of digging up, perhaps you could have just said: "Doh!"

Still. The comments from people who get their news from a comedy take it to another (lower) level.