Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lameass of the Month – September

I started Lameass of the Month in July, and then did nothing about it. Well, here's the 2nd Lameass of the month. German "artist" Gregor Schneider, the master of the "Psychology of Space", tells us about the "Race Riots" on the Beach. He's done his installation at Bondi beach (even though the "riot" was actually in Cronulla):

"I read an article about race riots on a beach in Sydney," Schneider has said.

"It made me think about Australian national identity, of which the beach is a part. If you do something in Australia, it should be about the beach. The cells give the beach order.

"Germans are accustomed to race riots, but they were amazed at the fact all this would happen on the beach."

Thanks for that. We were amazed also. What's his thought provoking work? A "…construction of a grid of 21 cells, or wire cages, on a southern section of the beach." Brilliant!

Schneider shows an acute sensitivity to the tenor of the times. Clearly, fear, loathing and the drastic new emphasis on security issues around the world - from APEC and Woomera to Guantanamo Bay - all play a part in his thinking.

For sure:

Beachgoers are free to enter and occupy the 4m square cells, which are open to the sky and connected by doors. Each is supplied with an umbrella, an inflatable mattress, and a plastic bag filled with other beach items.