Sunday, July 08, 2007

Words worth espousing - rocket surgery

Familiar with the expression: "It's not rocket science" or "It's not brain surgery"? Well, if you thought that was hard, try: "It's not rocket surgery". What could be harder than that? Combining these professions should obviously create an uber intellect!

Plus, with all the debate about which group is the smartest, rocket scientists or brain surgeons, this gives both equal credit. (Note, you could use "brain scientist" but this profession actually exists. Also, I stole the idea of "rocket surgery" from somewhere I can't remember. It might have been The Simpsons?) Interestingly, the American Association of Brain Surgeons published this study last year:

...entitled "The Intelligence of Rocket Scientists: Myth Versus Reality," ... [it] suggests that rocket scientists' reputation for smartness is largely undeserved.

"It does require a superior intellect to function as a rocket scientist," the article concedes. "Having said that, though, rocket science is not brain surgery."