Thursday, July 05, 2007

Germaine Greer - early running for LAMEASS-OTM

I only just started LAMEASS-OTM and already the ever attention seeking Germaine Greer (prior to this the inspiration for LAME and a suppository ) is a real contender. Regarding the plan to deal with abuse in indigenous communities, she had this to say:

"The real importance of Howard's bizarre interpretation of the urgings to immediate action contained in the Little Children Are Sacred report is that it provides knee-jerk justification for massive erosion of Aboriginal title," she said.

And this:

Writing exclusively for The Bulletin, Greer, a UK-based feminist author and activist, accuses the Prime Minister of declaring war on Aboriginal communities and argues that he has interpreted the Little Children Are Sacred Report as justification for a "massive erosion of Aboriginal title''.

Howard has learned nothing from the Iraq experience, writes Greer, who argues that abuse of Aboriginal women and children has been known about for three decades.

"He is off on another crusade, this time to rescue Aboriginal children in distress,'' she says.

"When you're on a crusade, you ride roughshod over anything that lies in your path. A crusade can be guaranteed to turn a crisis into proliferating catastrophe.''

Typical Greer - Offering no solution, Impugning Motives, Poisoning the Well and of course, making LAME claims.

John Howard had the perfect reply:

Mr Howard says if Dr Greer is against it, it must be right.

"I always thought I was right but I'm even more convinced now," Mr Howard told reporters.