Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jimmy Carter, Peace Processor

From the Kansas City Star:

Former President Jimmy Carter urged the United States on Saturday to talk with Nepal's former rebels, who remain on Washington's list of terrorists despite joining a peace process.

Carter met Maoist rebel leader Prachanda, who only goes by one name, and his deputy Baburam Bhattarai on Friday. The former guerrillas urged him to help remove them from the U.S. terrorist list.

"My opinion is the United States should establish some communication with the Maoists because it is obvious that the people of Nepal have accepted the Maoists as playing a role in the shaping of the future of this country," Carter told reporters at the end of his four-day trip to Nepal.

"Joining the Peace Process". Translation: Not killing quite as many people as we usually do... for a while... maybe... or maybe not.

As can be seen from the distortature at the left, Jimmy is even more hopeful than usual that his efforts at brokering peace through a peace process will bear fruit. "Peace in our time" (Neville Chamberlain). "Peace process in our time" (Jimmy Carter).