Saturday, May 05, 2007

Kudos to Humbug-Hunters extraordinary

I occasionally drop in to the website par excellence which scams the scammers. They have a "trophy room" section with photographs of their victims. It is often entertaining to speculate on how they managed to convince a hapless scammer to pose for, and send an image such as this.

Here are excerpts from the text of the key email sent to the loaves and fishes man (pictured) which explains all. The email was sent from Father "Bateyoo Reelgud".

First it is VERY IMPORTANT that you understand we must be 100% certain of your identity. Because our church is so very large and we give out nearly $10 million Dollars a year in charitable donations there are some people who try to send us false images in order to falsely claim a donation. Because of this my church always request identity in a manner which cannot be forged. I warn you now Mr. Tope that the photographic proof we will request from you may seem very strange, but it is this very unusual request that will ensure that the image you send to us is genuine.

1. You will need to gather a large FISH and a FULL loaf of BREAD
2. You will need to sit in a chair.
3. You will need to place the FISH on your HEAD.
4. Hold the loaf of BREAD to your mouth and make it look like you are going to eat it.
5. Now get a colleague to take a photograph of yourself in this pose.

Scoll around and have fun. Many hours of mirth are possible if you have the time.