Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Future warfighting - confuse the enemy…

with Gibberish. This from page 13 of the ADF’s Joint Operations for the 21st Century:

In Future Warfighting Concept 2003 the ADF adopted Multidimensional Manoeuvre (MDM) as its approach to future warfare. MDM seeks to negate the adversary’s strategy through the intelligent and creative application of an effects-based approach against an adversary’s critical vulnerabilities. It uses an indirect approach to defeat the adversary’s will to oppose us. MDM becomes reality through the application of tailored strategic responses to achieve the desired effects. A fundamental of MDM is the ability to employ NCW and operate in joint task force, interagency and/or coalition arrangements to conduct effective operations.

Current defence operating guidance draws on a strategic framework that has two components: pervasive and ongoing activities, and focused strategic response options. The objectives these responses seek to achieve are accomplished by designing operations to focus on specific and achievable effects, and integrating joint warfighting functions (force application, force deployment, force protection, force generation and sustainment, command and control and knowledge dominance). Effects will occur sequentially and/or simultaneously based on the conditions and the desired end state that the military strategy articulates for any response option.

Can’t we just get bigger guns?

Hat tip – Ben.