Sunday, April 08, 2007

Pinhead Educationista moonlights as clueless LAME commentator

According to Judith Wheeldon, a former Principal of two private schools (not both at once, one presumes - although two at once could be inferred from her biographical note at the end of this article).

The minister's report cites research showing that "quality teachers make a significant difference to improved student outcomes". We knew that. What we still do not know is how the minister plans to ensure every Australian child has a quality teacher. Paying some teachers more will not give every child a better teacher. Higher salaries for all teachers would.

Hmmm... take your pick - there are so many fallacies in the passage above that it is difficult to separate one from the other. I will take the coward's way out, and designate this passage an exemplar of the WTF? fallacy. That is, an utterance so rich with multifaceted and self-evident stupidities that it takes the breath away.

(Note that the Humbloggers have coined the term "educationistas" for self-important educators who wish to bend education systems, teachers and schools to their will.)