Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Michael Leunig - Spiritual/Psychological Portrait.

To celebrate the purchase of a new Wacom graphics tablet, I will inaugurate a new occasional feature which will appear from time to time at Humbugonline (spot the double redundancy in this sentence).

I shall call it, the spiritual/psychological portrait distortature.

The public figure to be recognised in this first offering is Michael Leunig (personal website here).

Mr Leunig, an Australian Living National Treasure, likes to represent himself as a vulnerable, sensitive, compassionate and deeply insightful public figure and commentator.

These claims by Leunig do not impress me. What impresses me is that he manages to make a living as a cartoonist despite the fact that he has limited graphic skills and no discernable sense of humour. Truly, an inspiration to all.

This Spiritual/Psychological portrait was created by an ineffable, profound, numinous process which would be beyond the understanding of any person who does not possess my fine sensibilities. I just held the Wacom wireless pen, it hovered over the tablet, and some unseen essence guided my hand... to produce a portrait which captures the true nature of this subject. (A rage-filled sanctimonious prig with no solutions to offer anyone for anything.)