Saturday, March 31, 2007

Advice to Marcus Einfeld - when you're in a hole stop digging

Marcus Einfeld is in deep doodoo. What incredibly bad luck: knowing two Professors Theresa Brennans, lending both of them your car, and then both of them die - one of them before your car is photographed speeding, and one of them after your car is photographed speeding.

Summary of these tragic circumstances follows, full story here.

Einfeld had his $77 speeding fine dismissed in Downing Centre Local Court on August 7 after presenting a statutory declaration claiming he had lent his car to an old friend, the US-based academic Professor Teresa Brennan, and she had been driving.

The following day The Daily Telegraph reported that the professor had died in a car crash in the US three years earlier.

Einfeld then said he was out of Sydney on January 8, and that although he was uncertain who was driving, he had "authorised an old acquaintance to use [my car] while I was out of town".

He later told police that the Professor Brennan he was referring to was from Bangladesh.

"If I had committed this offence I would have paid the $77 fine like any other responsible citizen," Einfeld said in a statement issued after the death of the American Professor Brennan was revealed. "I would not even think of misleading a court. The suggestion that I have done so is hurtful because it contradicts everything I have always stood for."

Marcus (Pinocchio) Einfeld is certainly an example to us all. Just not the type of example the sanctimonious prig would have us believe he is.