Saturday, January 06, 2007

UFO cause by global warming! WTF?

Initially, when I read the following:

Officials are mystified after a mysterious metallic object crashed through the roof of a New Jersey home, although one expert said it could be a meteorite…

The object is the size of a golf ball but weighs as much as a can of soup, according to AP.

"I saw it's a UFO," said one neighbour.

Another believed it was connected to "some kind of global warming thing."

I thought that the most appropriate fallacy would be False Cause; Correlation Error, as the second neighbour attributed the UFO (the first neighbour is right, at this time it is an Unidentified Falling Object) to global warming. However, the False Cause; Correlation Error requires the erroneous belief that there is a causal link between phenomena to be apparent. The only thing apparent in this case is that the claim that a UFO is caused by global warming is simply moronic. It puts the "M" in stupid. Hence my classification of the above claim as a WTF? Fallacy instead.
Via: Tim Blair

Source: Mysterious object crashes into New Jersey home - - 5 Jan 2007