Sunday, November 26, 2006

Newsagent/Lotto litter post inspires idea for Christmas presents

I have to report that sadly I was unsuccessful in pressuring my local newsagent to put out better litter receptacles for gaming tokens (see post below). However while loitering outside the newsagent this morning I was reminded of a Christmas gift idea I have used in the past. I will now pass it on to readers of this blog, as a gesture of goodwill in this festive season.

Here's how it works. Pick up a discarded "scratchie" card outside the newsagent. Make sure all the panels have been scratched, and that the card is worthless. Send the card as a Christmas gift to a friend or relative. Include a note which reads thus: "I bought you a $10 Scratchie for Christmas... unfortunately as you can see, you didn't win anything."

Sending a losing card will ensure that no "bad blood" is generated between you and your friends or relatives (imagine how cheesed off you would be if you sent a genuine card, and they won $250,000).

Please use this suggestion responsibly.