Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bonohead still LAME

Bono is still talking about wanting to meet the PM (on his terms of course):

Earlier, Bono said he would only be interested in meeting Mr Howard to discuss the Make Poverty History campaign if the Prime Minister was serious about the problems underdeveloped countries face.

In hindsight, this was a tad arrogant, Bono concedes:

Bono now says he is sorry for appearing arrogant and would love to meet Mr Howard.

"I think it was fairer to say I was just a little miffed that he didn't seem that interested in the meeting or indeed the issues," he said.

Wasn't interested in meeting? Actually, he is probably still waiting for formal request. You don't get invites through LAME media grandstanding. Maybe one of Bono's underlings could make direct contact with the PM's office if his lordship would like a meeting? Just an idea.
Source: - Bono urges Howard to increase aid.