Saturday, October 07, 2006

Astrologer makes astoundingly unlikely yet precise prediction

What are the chances of this happening?

HONG Kong fortune tellers say the omens are bad for North Korea's nuclear standoff, claiming today that according to their readings of the stars Pyongyang is likely to test a bomb soon.

Amazing what the stars can "predict". Can you tell us when?

Feng shui geomancer and astrologer Yeung Tin-ming even goes so far as predict when - sometime between Saturday and November 4.

Wow! "Even" goes so far... What precision. In the next month? Really? No one else could have predicted that. Who might spark off the confrontation?

"He predicts there will be a confrontation in Northeastern Asia - Korea or Japan - that will result in the explosion of a nuclear weapon," said Mr Yeung's translator Amy Law.

Look Amy, I've even saved you the trouble of translation: 沒有胡扯Sherlock.*

I consulted my stars and predict they'll conduct the test in an abandoned coal mine.

UPDATE: I predict that you all know this already, but the astrologer and I were both right! My next prediction is that Japan won't go nuclear.
* Don't bother translating it back to English. The meaning - "No s#!+ Sherlock" - is lost.