Friday, September 15, 2006

Well said

Shame on Channel 10, yet again. They already played this rubbish once this year, which I posted on here, and here, but that wasn’t enough. They had to play it again. Not only this, two days before the 5th anniversary of Sept 11. Federal labour MP Michael Danby had this to say about it in parliament a few days ago:

PERHAPS one might have expected nothing better from the network that brought us Big Brother Uncut, but on Saturday night Channel10 broadcast the so-called documentary 9/11: In Plane Site, which is a calculated insult and defamation of the American people and the victims of September 11.

Ten's major shareholder, Mr Izzy Asper of CanWest, should sack the programming director of Channel 10 for broadcasting this barking-mad conspiracy program, which claims that all American political parties, officials, airlines and news networks were collaborators in a plot to murder their fellow citizens, over 3000 innocent people, including some of our countrymen, Australians.

Are there no standards we can expect from Channel 10?

Have they no sense of shame for trying to kill again the memory of those cruelly murdered five years ago by al-Qa'ida? Can you imagine the reaction if a US network produced a similar broadcast about the murders of Australians in Bali?

I am sure I share the contempt and derision of the Australian people and its parliament for this abominable act of bad taste by Channel 10 on the eve of the September 11 anniversary.

Well said. However, that being said, Channel 10 does bring us The Simpsons every night.