Thursday, June 15, 2006

Life and Living Quiz

Test yourself with some 8th grade science (are you as smart as a 13 year old?).

#1: What are animals without backbones called?

#2: True or False? About one-third of the food that humans take in is used to keep us warm.

#3: When classifying living things, what is the division above species?
  • Order
  • Genera
  • Class
  • Family
#4: Finish this sentence: "Oxygen and glucose give an organism energy by a process called..."
  • breathing.
  • respiration.
  • perspiration.
  • photosynthesis.

#5: Which word is the odd one out?

  • Taxonomy
  • Random
  • Chaotic
  • Jumble

#6: You are looking through a microscope with an overall magnification of 600x. The eyepiece lens is 20x. What is the magnification of the objective lens?

If you are struggling - just cheat.

Answers posted in the next few days.