Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bowhunting and Traceurs - A Match Made in Heaven?

Extract from an article in today's Courier Mail:

THEY leap across buildings, scale walls, jump over park benches and vault from one surface to the next.

It sounds like stunt moves from an action movie but they are practising parkour, an underground form of urban gymnastics.

A small but avid group of Brisbane-based traceurs – practitioners of parkour – met yesterday to "jam" at the city side of the Goodwill Bridge.

The philosophy of parkour is to overcome obstacles in the urban environment quickly and safety.

Parkour is the French word for obstacle course and the true goal of traceurs is to escape attackers (my emphasis).

Here is my idea for a synthesis of two wacky sports. The traceurs continue to escape attackers, but instead of pretend attackers, they invite actual attackers (bowhunters) along to the event. If this ever happens, I would like to be there with my video camera. Any footage of the event would be a sure-fire finalist in Funniest Home Videos.

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