Saturday, February 26, 2005

Humbug! Blurb

This new and improved Humbug! is a 156-page paperback book with 35 cartoon illustrations. It was written by Jef and Theo Clark (father and son respectively) and is published in 2005 by Nifty BOOKS. Cartoons by Jef.

The book identifies, discusses and explores (with examples) 35 fallacies in thinking. Each fallacy is treated with an underlying seriousness, which is leavened where appropriate with irony, whimsy, sarcasm, and liberal doses of satirical commentary. The authors' intention was to entertain as well as inform. We take our ideas seriously, but not ourselves.

The book is particularly targeted at tertiary students. It is designed to function as a tool which can enhance the informal analytical skills of undergraduate students. Skills which may be used to detect fallacies in reasoning and weaknesses in argument.

We believe that Humbug! will also appeal to the general reader, particularly individuals who are inclined to skepticism, and those who enjoy a good argument (or debunking a bad argument).

If you like lopping tall poppies – or even short poppies – this is the book for you.

Update (March 06) - Read Gary Curtis's review of Humbug! at the Fallacy Files.